Ilham Aouad - Manager and coach

Also trainer and exam jury for Pilates coachs at the Pilates Institute Geneva.

Ilham studied in Canada at the Montreal Business School. Following her passion for danse, sport and human body, she then registers at Quebec University to follow danse studies.

Upon her arrival in Switzerland, she discovers the world of fitness and wellness.
She works briefly for Silhouette and then persues her training as PErsonal Trainer and Pilates coach at the Fits school and the Pilates Institute Geneva.

Ilham is certified in Personal Training, in Pilates matwork and Pilates on machines.

Enthousiast, curious and open minded, she attends nummurous Pilates and Functional Training seminars and conventions.

Her broad vision of the discipline and her passion makes of her a remarkable coach.

With her listening skills, her orientation to details and her passion, she will help you increasing your body awarness to reach your target with smile and fun.

Her moto : « Nothing is difficult, who wants can. »

Jean-Baptiste Vittoz – coach

Jean-Baptiste has always been into sports and physical training. He studied STAPS, Sciences et Techniques des Activités Physiques et Sportives, literarily sciences and techniques of physical activities and sports, at the University of Chambery and Montpelier and holds a bachelor degree in sport coach and trainer. He completes his studies with a French State Diploma in fitness.
Jean-Baptiste then acquires experience in Thonon-les-Bains and with Silhouette in Geneva.
His fitness experience entice him in pursuing his education in the wellness field and quite naturally enters into the world of Pilates which, he believes, is at the heart of the human movements.
His objective is to use the Pilates method and its principles in functional rehabilitation as well as in the elaboration of specific training programs that meet your objectives and expectations.

Stephanie Sampaio – Coach and Radiologist

Stephanie comes from a medical environment, but her passion of the human body in movement brought her towards Pilates.
Stephanie obteined her diploma of technicien in radiology in Portugal before obteining her diploma as a Pilates coach on machine and matwork.
It is her past sport experience which pushed her towards the Pilates method. Since her young age, she practiced ballet, basketball and swimming before discovering a talent and a passion for long-distance race where she is rewarded with a second place at regional championship in Portugal.
Her work experience as technicien in radiology gave Stephanie precise anatomy knowledge that she uses in her classes. Paying attention to every single details, she scans your body and analyses every single details in order to work in harmony with your body.
Stephanie is very generous and attentive with her clients. She is a smiling sunshine devoted to her job and passion.